Knowledge and Resources

Today’s problems are more complex and interlinked than ever, and no one person or organisation can solve them alone.

On this page, we provide a range of useful resources, reports and shared insights for grant partners, philanthropic partners and the broader community.

BMDCF Grant Application & Reporting

This section provides sample forms to help invited applicants complete our online application forms, and for our grant partners to report and acquit their grant.

All grant partners of Brian M. Davis Charitable Foundation are required to submit a Final Report which confirms that the funds granted were used for the intended purpose. Multi-year grants require annual Progress Reports. Reports are submitted via our online portal.

Sample Application Questions

A Word document providing the questions in our online grant application form to help you prepare your answers offline.

BMDCF Budget Template

We ask that applicants and grant partners use our Excel template for their applications and reporting.

Sample Progress Report form

A Word document providing the questions in our online Progress Report form to help you prepare your answers offline.

Sample Final Report form

A Word document providing the questions in our online Final Report form to help you prepare your answers offline.


How do your measure your impact?

Impact measurement helps us figure out what’s working to change communities for the better (and equally – what isn’t).

It is important that a social purpose organisation can provide evidence of the positive impact of its activities in the lives of vulnerable Australians.

Below are links to various resources to help you demonstrate your work is having a positive impact and providing a good social return on investment.

FYA workshop. Photo: Harjono Djoyobisono/FYA. FYA YLab workshop
Free Tools and Solutions for Social Change

The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) is a collaboration of four Australian universities who provide free education, tools and research to help catalyse social change. CSI's many resources equip the for-purpose sector to address Australia’s complex social problems.

Visit CSI website

Starting to Measure Your Impact

NPC is a UK think tank and consultancy for the social sector. They provide a useful web resource designed to help you take your first steps into measuring, understanding, and improving your impact.

Visit NPC website

Child and Family Welfare

A selection of links to useful websites and impact and research reports from our grant partners and others working in the Child and Family Welfare sector.

The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

The Centre advocates for the rights and wellbeing of children, young people and families in Victoria and provides a myriad of resources. It represents over 100 organisations working across the continuum of child and family services, from prevention and early intervention to the provision of out of home care.

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OPEN: Outcomes, Practice and Evidence Network

OPEN fosters the sharing of practice experience, research and evaluation to achieve better outcomes with children, young people and families. The OPEN Portal will link you to key information, activities, practice resources and experts. It highlights evidence of what works, and how to use and create evidence.

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Australian Child Maltreatment Study: Brief report of main findings.

The Australian Child Maltreatment Study (ACMS) is a landmark study for our nation. The ACMS research team has generated the first nationally representative data on the prevalence of each of the five types of child maltreatment in Australia, and their associated health impacts through life.

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I Believe You.

Children and young people's experiences of seeking help, securing help & navigating the family violence system.
Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, 2023.

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A safe place to call home. Mission Australia’s Homelessness and Stable Housing Impact Report 2023.

A summary of the evidence that Mission Australia has been gathering over the last three years, including rich data from their services, experiences of their practitioners and the voices of people with a lived experience of homelessness.

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Amplify: Turning up the Volume on Young People and Family Violence

Understanding the gaps in policies and services for young people who are experiencing family violence either in the home or from an intimate partner.
Melbourne City Mission, 2021.

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Missing Figures: The hidden role of domestic and family violence in youth suicide

Current State of Knowledge Report. A review of current knowledge in Australia and internationally on the intersection between children and young people’s experiences of DFV, and their risk of youth suicide.
Griffith University, 2023.

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Exploring need and funding models for a national approach to integrated child and family centres

The early learning landscape in Australia is poised to embrace new forms of service delivery and supports – including integrated child and family centres – that could significantly improve the lives of our most disadvantaged children and families.
Deloitte Access Economics. 2023.

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Happy, Healthy and Thriving Children

Enhancing the impact of our Integrated Child and Family Centres in Australia. Brief based on the discussion paper released in March 2023.
Social Ventures Australia, 2023.

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